About Us

About Us

Who We Are?

poemluv.com is a blog for poems, created By me (Deepak Udasi). I love writing poems and you can find all types of Poems in Hindi and English Language. I write various kind of poems on this blog like

  1. Motivational and Inspirational Poems
  2. Poems for Students
  3. Poems on Love and Romance
  4. Sad Poems
  5. Poems on Events Like New Year, Christmas, Diwali, Holi etc.
  6. Poems on Relations like Poems for Dad, Mom, Brother etc.

Whatever topic I find interesting i like to write poem on that topic.

Our Goal

We believe that poems can touch your heart directly. So a poem is a great medium to win someone’s heart. And a poem is a pure form of feelings, expressed with the words. Poems have the power to explain the facts in less words. Our goal is to touch people’s heart with our poems and make them learn too with motivational and inspirational kind of poems. We also write poems for students and make them learn new things with the help of poems.

So This is Our Goal to Touch Millions of Hearts With Our Unique Poems.

About Author


Hello Friends my name is Deepak Udasi the Author of poemluv.com. I belong to Jaipur (Raj. India) I have done my B.B.A and started my career in Digital Marketing. I own more than 3 website. I love to write so i created this website also i hope you all guys will love it. there is just one aim of poemluv.com that is, to reach the hearts of millions of people through the poems. This was a little about me. Keep supporting and keep loving. I will give my best on this website.