how to be successful

[How to Be Successful ] – [3 Amazing LAWS OF SUCCESS]

How to Be Successful:

how to be successful
how to be successful

How to Be Successful: Success is not an accident. It is no miracle either. It is simply a matter of cause and effect.

Like the laws of physics, like the laws of mathematics, there are some laws for success-unbreakable, unchangeable and neutral- which when followed, not only empower you to a superhuman level but will make it possible for you to fail permanently.

I say ‘permanently’ because temporary failures are not only possible but they are compulsory part of the success system.

Without failures, there can be no real success. Failures are actually stepping stones. People who are afraid of failures are afraid of their helpers.

If you will follow the laws which will be mentioned further, the entire world will be helpless to defeat your plans.

We live in an unbelievable age where the opportunities are unlimited, conditions are unprecedentedly favorable, simply leaving no excuse to remain a failure.

Nature’s laws are formidable, unforgiving, ruthless, just impartial. They guarantee your success and at the same time also your failure – should you be bent on breaking them.

Nature’s laws are straightforward and simple-frighteningly so.

These laws of success have no feeling and they couldn’t care less who succeeds who does not. The further beauty of these laws is that they apply to everyone and produce the same results in any part of the world.

“Man is not a victim of circumstances. Somehow or other he is responsible for his circumstances.

These laws have nothing to do with your past or present conditions. The good news is that everyone starts with zero and the laws of success apply equally to all.

There is no reason even to think whether one can succeed or not. Successful people are basically different from us. as Machiavelli said, ‘All men are born and live and die in the same way’.

Nature’s laws cannot be changed, reversed or defied. For example, one of the nature’s laws says that you first sow and then you reap. Now just imagine trying to do the opposite.

The most terrifying yet comforting think about them is that they do not change.

If nature’s laws were eccentric as someone would like you to believe, science and technology would have gone nowhere, no such think called physics or mathematics or electronics would have existed at all.

The guarantee that the sum of two and two is four-always, every time, everywhere, without fail and without exception is the solid base on which your science stands.

It is really comforting, not only comforting, but encouraging too, for a person temporarily going through difficulties, to know that he will and must get out of them. Only the knowledge of this fact is enough to produce vitalizing effect.

Now that you know, success is governed by certain laws, you can be sure that your success will not be dependent on fate. The knowledge that you must finally succeed, gives you power.

Success or failure is all about what road you take. So up to now if you had any excuse for not succeeding. get rid of it. Right away. There is no way you can fail if you are on the road that leads to success.

Clarity of Goal – The First Law of Success:

how to be successful
how to be successful

Definite aim, definite goal and definite destination is the first condition of success. and also starting point of success.

Clarity of goal gives power. Clarity of goal clears mind of confusion. Clarity of goal saves us from dissipating our powers, since we know exactly what it is that we want and can concentrate all our powers for the achievement of that single goal.

A person who wanders aimlessly without clear, definite goal is a confused person. What results can one expect from such as one who does not know where he is going?

Goalless person is like a rudderless ship, nobody knows where he will end up.

You must set yourself a clear, specific and precise target, and also a deadline to make it. If a goal doesn’t have a deadline, the thing you consider your goal is nothing more than a fantasy.

A clearly defined goal is a beginning of any great accomplishment. By having a clear goal, you know clearly in which direction to channel and focus all your energies till you finally succeed.

When you don’t have a clear target, your energy is squandered.

The importance of clarity when it comes to goal setting cannot be overstated. If you have a goal clear enough and a desire intense enough, there is nothing that can stop you.

Your mind has the power to give you everything you want, but you should first know what it is that you want. You can’t hit a target when you don’t know what it is.

One famous sculptor was asked how he carved a wonderful statue from a block of marble; the sculptor replied by saying, ‘Nothing’, he said, ‘I did nothing. The statue was already there, I just chiseled away the unnecessary marble’.

It is true that the statue was already there in the stone and that the chiselling away revealed it. But chiselling away unnecessary marble first requires the knowledge and picture of what you want to end up with.

Whatever a man does, he must first do it in his mind. As Vincent Van Gogh, one of the most famous painters in modern art says, ‘First I dream my painting and then I paint my dream’.

Goals must be written down so that they can be read frequently. The very act of committing your goal to paper brings greater clarity to it.

Even in our everyday life, we are more productive, creative and effective when we are clear about the things we have to do.

Once the goal is clear and set, you need to become so obsessed about it, everything else that is irrelevant to your goal must be swept out of your mind.

Deciding a goal and writing it on a paper is only a beginning. From paper your goal must move on to your mind and get carved there, so that whenever you think, you think about it. You live with it, you eat with it, you sleep with it.

A Scottish historian Thomas Carlyle has this to say about the clearness of purpose, ‘A person with a clear purpose will make progress on even the roughest road. A person with no purpose will make no progress on even the smoothest road’.

An Intense Desire – The Second Law of Success:

how to be successful
how to be successful

Now that you have decided your goal, back it up with an intense desire to achieve it.

Make an obsession of your goal. Live with it. Eat with it. Sleep with it. Success will be magnetically drawn to you.

When one’s desire is intense enough; a normal, ordinary person will appear to possess superhuman powers.

The question is not whether you will succeed or not, the question is how badly you want to succeed?

When your desire is burning enough, there is nothing that can stop you. A single human being isn’t there who has power over you to stop you from reaching and achieving your goal.

No matter what obstacle comes your way, you will find a way to go over it, under it, around it or through it. What a formidable law of nature. An apparently helpless person appears to be a giant when he really believes this law.

Out of the few laws of success presented in thin book, this one, apart from being one of the most powerful laws is also intriguing-which states that as you march towards your goal with desire that is intense, so very intense that each time you come across a difficulty on the way, your desire gets even more intense and magical things begin to happen.

No sooner does one door close, another door throws itself open – automatically, instantly and without fail.

The knowledge of and confidence in this fact makes you so utterly imperturbable – that those who will close a door on you will be thrown off balance.

No doubt – not a bit of doubt concerning the fact that if you have the desire – the overwhelming desire, there is nothing that can prevent you from getting there.

Your desire has neither meaning nor impact unless you are mad after your goal.

Other people’s opinions about what you can do and what you can’t have nothing to do with your success. What you think is everything to do with it.

When we want a thing intensely, this feeling of desire reinforces our will and awakens in us the determination to work for our desired goal.

When you know what it is that you want and want it badly, entire universe comes forward to help you succeed.

Control Your Thoughts – Third Law of Success:

how to be successful
how to be successful

Computers, cars, jets and skyscrapers. Where do you think these came from? Where else but from man’s thoughts.

Saying that thinking plays a very important role in our life will be actually underestimating the power of our thoughts. The fact is, our thoughts are we.

Our thoughts are our best friends but can also be our worst enemies. The good news is, it is we who decide what to make of them.

Negative thinking depletes our energy and renders us powerless. Right thinking energizes us and empowers us.

Man’s greatest limitation is the one created in his own mind by his own thinking. There are no limits other than self-imposed ones. Man’s capacity is infinite. Man’s potential is unlimited.

Nothing in the world will help y9ou achieve what you want to achieve if you think you may not be able to do so.

We finally become what we think. So why think about what we don’t want, why not focus on what we want.

One experiment was conducted by a primary school teacher upon her pupils, which shows how human beings move in the direction where their thoughts take them.

The teacher told her class that in a recent scientific study it has been discovered that children with blue eyes have a greater natural ability to learn things faster while those with brown eyes are slower to learn.

Then she divided the class into two clear groups. One group was of the children with blue eyes, another was the children with brown eyes.

After a week or so, it was noticed that the achievement level of the children with blue eyes had considerable gone up, while the performance of the children with brown eyes fell noticeable and measurably.

The next day the teacher made a shocking announcement to the class. She said she had made a mistake – a big mistake.

That she had told them the exact opposite of what the result of scientific study said.

She said, ‘It was the children with blue eyes who were slower to learn and not the children with brown eyes. The children with brown eyes were actually sharper, more intelligent and faster to learn’. ‘Sorry for the mistake, children, really sorry’, she added.

When the teacher made the opposite announcement, things started getting opposite too. In another week, the performance of those with brown eyes improved rapidly while that of blue eyes went down.

As you can see, there is nothing to do with the color of our eyes- but everything to do with the color of our thinking.

Success doesn’t just happen. Success doesn’t come by chance. The wins recorded by the great like Muhammad Ali and Michael Phelps are first produced in their mind. The picture of their success was vivid and clear in their minds before their success materlized.

The Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’ mother says about his son, ‘ He can go into the 200 butterfly knowing he needs to do the first 50 in 24.6 seconds to break the record and can put that time in his head and make his body do 24.6 exactly’.

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