Power of Belief

Know How you can Achieve Anything with Power of Belief !!

Believe You can Succeed and You will: Power of Belief

Power of Belief
Power of Belief

Power of Belief: Success means a lot of amazing and good things. Success means richness, big home, fun holidays, travel, new things, financial security, giving your children more and more happiness. Success means to be a person of praise, to be a leader, to be respected in your business and social life. Success means freedom – freedom from worries, fears, frustrations and failure. Success means self-respect, real happiness in life and satisfaction in life, the ability to do more for those who depend on you.

Every human wants success. Every person wishes that he gets every happiness in life. No one wants to live an average life by sliding. Nobody wants to see a second class or pass a life like this.

” The practical way of successful life is shown to us in that line of the Bible according to which mountains can be shaken by faith. “

Over the years, I have spoken to many people who failed in their business or other careers. I have heard reasons from failure and excuses from too many. In these discussions about failure we got an important knowledge. One such thing was definitely heard from the mouth of the unsuccessful man, “I was doubting its success even before I started work”. Or “To be honest, I didn’t feel that we could succeed”

“Well I try and see but I don’t think it will happen”, because of this attitude, the man fails.”

Unbelief is a negative force. When the brain mistrusts or suspects something, the brain discovers the “reasons” that will strengthen that mistrust. Much of the failures are attributed to: doubt, mistrust, subconscious desire to fail and no true desire to succeed.

Power of Belief
Power of Belief

“Be suspicious and fail.
Think of victory and be successful.”

A young storyteller met me recently about his writing ambitions. The discussion started about a great writer in his field.

“Oh,” he said, “Mr. X is an extraordinary writer, but I cannot be as successful as him.”

His attitude disappointed me a lot, because I know that Mr. X. he has neither extraordinary mind, nor extraordinary motivation, nor are they super at anything else, the only thing extraordinary in him is his extraordinary confidence. He strongly believes that he is the best writer and therefore he writes the best.

It is a good thing to honor the leader. Learn from him Look at it carefully. Study it But do not worship him. Believe that you can get ahead of that. Believe that you can go above that.

Many years ago I was addressing a businessman group in Detroit. After the discussion a person came to me and after introducing himself, said, “I liked your talk. Can you give me a few minutes? I want to discuss my personal experience with you.”

Shortly afterwards we were sitting in a restaurant.

“I have a personal experience,” he began, “which was related to your discussion this evening, in which you said how to make your mind your partner, not your opposition. I have not told anyone till date how I have raised myself above the world of average people, but I want to tell you this.

“And I would like to hear it,” I said.

“Five years ago, I was just like anyone else – my life was fraying. My earnings were average. But it was not ideal. Our house was very small and we didn’t even have the money to buy the things we wanted. Lived. My wife, God bless her, did not complain about it, but it was clearly written on her face. That she has given up in front of fate and she is not really happy. I felt very dissatisfied with myself. When I saw how I was not able to give ideal lifestyle to my good wife and two children, I was very hurt inside. “

“But today everything has changed,” my friend said. “Today we live in our beautiful new house on a two-acre plot, which is two hundred miles from here. Today we are not worried about whether we will be able to send our children to a good college or not. Today my wife When she buys new clothes she does not feel like she has committed a crime. Next summer we are going to Europe to take a month’s vacation. We are really enjoying life.

Power of Belief
Power of Belief

“How did this happen?” I asked.

His reply was, “You said one thing tonight,” harness the power of your faith. “I did the same and the result is in front of you. Five years ago I heard about a tool-and-die company in Detroit. We were living in Cleveland at the time. I decided what the hell is to try, maybe get a little more salary here. I came here on Sunday evening, while the interview was on Monday.

“After dinner I was sitting in my hotel room and I don’t know why, I started cursing myself, ‘Why,’ I asked myself, ‘Why, I got stuck in the middle class swamp like a failed man. Why am I trying to get this job for a little more salary? .

“I have not been able to know why I did this till date, but after this I took the hotel notepad. In the notepad I wrote the names of five more successful people than I knew for years and whose income and job was much better than me. There were two old neighbors who now live in a posh colony. I used to work for two people and one was my relative.”

“After this – I asked myself what was there among these five friends of mine that was not there in me. I compared myself and their intelligence and after analyzing honestly found that as far as intelligence was concerned, they were no better than me. Nor were they superior in education, character, or personal habits to me. “

“Eventually I came upon a quality of success that is discussed a lot. Taking the initiative. I had a hard time believing it, but I had no choice but to accept it. My record in this case was much lower than theirs. “

“It was four o’clock in the morning thinking all this, but my mind was thinking very clearly. For the first time in my life I was able to see my weakness. I found that I was so stunned in life because of this thing. In The depths I went into, I found myself not taking the initiative, because I did not believe it from inside. That I could do it, that I really deserve it.”

Power of Belief
Power of Belief

“All night I kept thinking that it was due to lack of confidence that I made my brain my opponent.I found that I used to tell myself why I cannot move forward, whereas I should have told myself why I should move forward. I was selling myself cheaply. Then I understood that no one else would believe me until I believe in myself.”

“At the same time I decided, ‘Now the life of the second class is over. From now on I will not sell myself cheaply.

“I had the same confidence the next morning. That was the first test of my faith in that job interview. While walking from my house for the interview, I thought that I would dare to ask for 750 or 1000 dollars more than my current job. But Now, when I knew that I was a worthy man, I asked for 3500 dollars more. And I got it too. I was able to sell myself at an expensive price because after a long self-analysis that lasted for one night, I came to know that I have qualities that can be sold at expensive prices.”

“Within two years, I established my reputation as a successful businessman. Everyone knew that this man could bring in business. Then there was a recession. I became even more valuable in this period, I had the ability to get the best business. The company was restructured and I got a lot of salary and in addition I got a lot of shares of the company. “

Believe in yourself and good events will start happening to you. Your mind is a “factory of ideas”. It is a busy factory, producing countless ideas in one day.

Those who take full advantage of the opportunity. They will be sensible people who will learn how to lead themselves on the path of success with the help of big thinking. Move in. The door to success is more open today than before. Be determined that you also want to join the group of successful people, you also want to get what you want.

This will be your first step towards success. This is a fundamental step. Without taking this step, it will not work.

“Believe you can succeed and you will”

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